Our intention, in the community service portion of our enterprise, is to help Peruvian youth with their daily basic needs, i.e. food, clothes, medicine, books, toys, etc.

Inka Experience created the Peru Social Work component as a call to action for our clients to give back to the local community of their choice. Whether it’s providing breakfast for a group of children in the Sacred Valley or visiting an orphanage in Lima or Cusco,  we want to give you the opportunity to reach out to those in need.

All of our Peru trips have the option for you to engage in our Peru Social Work, so if you want this to be a part of your Peru journey, inform your travel advisor that you are interested in this. If you feel that your time will be limited, but still want to help or give back, Inka Experience can receive donations to provide a meal or purchase necessities for the group in need.

what is cedro?

CEDRO, is a Peruvian private organization without ends of profits, that it was born in 1986 thanks to a Peruvians initiative of different professions.
CEDRO’s houses for kids in high-risk are homes for boys, girls and adolescents who are victims of abuse and domestic violence.
We count with three shelters; two of them located in Rimac, and one in La Victoria. They hold approximately 70 boys, girls and adolescents annually , between the ages of 10 and 18 years old, which we consider”high-risk” due to the circumstances of abuse and violence that they have been brought to.

In many cases, they decide to abandon the streets and live with us in the refuges where they are taken care of in a holistic way. Educators, social workers and psychologists work together to provide children with financial support, education, moral formation, recreational activities, and skill trade abilities.

These factors as well as the alliance that CEDRO sustains with responsible entities that offer a job opportunity to these children, allows the children’s independence, so that when they reach the appropriate age, they leave the program with a sense of integrity and autonomy, free of delinquency or use and abuse of substances. In that way, we contribute not only to their development but also to the betterment of society.
Throughout these years, we’ve witnessed that a timely intervention, based on love and respect, has performed superior changes in the lives of these youngsters.

objetive of the program

Achieve the complete rehabilitation of children and adolescents who suffer from family violence and lives in the streets. These children are usually involved in drug abuse, mostly inhalants, and have others antisocial behaviors, such as robbing and street violence. The main goal is to reinsert them into their families or to give proper education and formation towards an independent and productive life, once they reach majority of age.